A CERAMIC LOVE STORY. The NovaBell brand is inextricably intertwined with the name of the Bellei family. Its founder, Silvio Bellei, first became a prominent figure on the Italian ceramic scene in the '50s and was involved in the development of some of the most influential companies in the sector. In 1988 Silvio Bellei founded NovaBell, ploughing into it all his experience, know-how and values. In his 60 years in the business Bellei demonstrated how it is possible to combine exceptional entrepreneurial expertise with profound human values, as is reflected by the extraordinary affection that his employees, whom he regarded as his extended family, held for him.

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Ambientazioni per ceramica

Renderings: rooms made unique by Novabell ceramic coverings, striking colour effects achieved by combining tiles and decorations, kitchen floor and wall coverings, exclusive surfaces for living areas, stylish, trendy solutions for bathrooms - and countless other solutions, left to your imagination.


Ambientazioni per ceramica

Specifically, the «NovaBell Ecosystem» brand is used on NovaBell products which contain at least 40% recycled materials, and which can therefore truly claim to be environment-friendly tiles.
Thanks to systematic control of all phases in the process, these materials comply with the quality standards set by the international norms.

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